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Answers to the most-commonly-asked questions that we receive…

Q: What makes you a specialist in hedge trimming?

A: We have the experience, skill, a variety of techniques and the right tools for the job. We can provide what the customer wants. Using string lines we can create the perfect line every time. Our tools are kept sharp , ensuring  fine clean cuts. If the hedge has been damaged by snow or has grown out of control, it will be tied back into place before the trimming is done. All clean-up is taken care of, nothing is left behind to detract from the appearance of the hedge.

Q: What is the best time of year to trim a hedge?

A: Almost any time of year, except when it is hot, as in July or August.

Q: Will you come back to trim trees or hedges?

A: Give us a call when you are ready for more work and we will put you on the list.

Q: How much advance notice do you need?

A: We respond to calls as soon as possible, to set an estimate time. Once a written estimate is accepted, we complete the work within 2-3 weeks. Weather and seasons are a factor, one example, is that we are nearing the end of fruit tree pruning, so hedges may have to wait a bit longer.

Q: How do you use a string line for hedge trimming?

A: The string line is primarily used to straighten, the top of the hedge. Poles are erected and stabilized at each end of the hedge. A construction string is tied to each and pulled tight.

Q: How much do you charge ?

A: Each job is unique, we need to see the trees or hedge, to judge the amount of time required. Other considerations such as access, amount of debris and trimmings, as well as dumping fees will all affect the cost. We give a fixed estimate so there are no surprises, and can usually fit the scope of the work into the owner’s budget.

Q: What is topiary?

A: Topiary is the art of shaping living trees and shrubs into ornamental shapes. This is generally done over time with regular maintenance to produce the desired results.

Q: How often does the trimming need to be done?

A: The more topiary are trimmed the better they get. Trimming in the early fall ,has them looking good all winter. A trim in the spring, after the growth burst is done, they look great all summer.

Q: How do you shape the wood for the furniture?

A:  For the twisted effect the trees are manipulated and pruned over a period of time, often 2-5 years, sometimes longer. We also use green saplings to shape chair seats and backs.

Q: What types of wood do you use?

A: Think local!  I use native materials, alder, maple, willow as well as red osier dogwood.  The driftwood is all types imaginable, found and reclaimed on Vancouver Island.

Q: How is the furniture finished?

A:  I use a variety of finishes, oils, stains, clear coat.

Q: Will the furniture stand up to the weather?

A: It is best to keep outside furniture under cover or stored inside, during wet weather.

Q: What if my furniture breaks or needs repair?

A: If there is a problem, just call and we will fix it. If it is damage from wear and tear, or use and abuse, there may be a small shop fee.