BrigidsArbor Arbors created to your specifications! Driftwood arbors, designed and constructed on site, fitted to your desired location, and suitable for larger climbing plants. Created from beautiful, natural, Vancouver Island driftwood. See below for photo examples.Driftwood Arbor created by Trees To Please

What is involved with getting an arbor set up on my property?

  • Client calls requesting an arbor similar to one they may have seen locally, Usually an ocean driftwood theme. We set up a site visit to see the location and hear about what the customer envisions. We take into account length, height, width, etc. Will it be used as a plant support or will it be a garden entrance, or maybe replacing an old one that has rotted and fallen over.
  • Please call for pricing.
  • Next, we have to find the materials. We have accumulated a number of posts which we store at home but usually have to beachcomb to find enough for the project.
  • We take all the driftwood materials to the site. Construction takes about 4-6 hours. We use 4 pre-cast pyramid concrete blocks for the base of the posts; these are set down at ground level.
  • It takes some professional carpentry skills and artistic talent to piece the arbor together. It will be nailed together with galvanized nails all pre-drilled to avoid stressing the wood which causes splitting. The result is a structure which will stay standing for at least 10 years or more.
  • If the arbor is supporting a plant, we like to follow up with before and after pictures.


1. Grape Vine Arbor

This arbor was built for Riversong Bed & Breakfast, Courtenay, B.C. It was built as a replacement for their previous arbor that had rotten posts and had blown over. This had left a huge grapevine needing emergency care. Wanting to match the entrance arbor we searched our favourite beaches for straight posts. The posts we found were quite rough so Sandra used a draw knife or spoke shave to remove bark and smooth the wood. Some of the smaller pieces were found along the Puntledge River which the B&B overlooks. The arbor was constructed on site, to the same dimensions as the original. All pieces are held in place with 4 to 8 inch galvanized spikes. We hope that Lawrence and Lia the owners and their guests enjoy this arbor for many years to come.

2. Royston Rose Arbor

Vickey and her husband gave us a call because they needed something for their climbing rose to grow on. We met them on site to see what we could do. They live near the ocean and wanted to decorate their garden in a driftwood theme. Once the size was decided upon we went in search of the appropriate pieces. We were lucky and came upon some large curved pieces, perfect for what we had in mind. Vicky was so pleased with the end result that she encouraged us to hang a sign on her fence, promoting our arbors. The rose bush was so happy that it covered the arbor in one season. Vicky also had us build her a second arbor.

3. Sandra’s Favourite Arbor

A true example of creative recycling. From a major pruning job and a massive tangle of cedar tree branches came the forms to make this inviting entrance. This arbor has old-time, rustic charm which makes it well suited to this historic pioneer cemetery site. We thank Father George for the opportunity to work and create in such a beautiful environment. Please contact us to tell us your needs.

Qualicum Beach Arbor

The space for this arbor was created, when a problem tree was removed. The owners decided on a driftwood arbor, reinforcing their west coast theme.

Bridgid’s Arbor

This arbor was built in Royston. It is built taller than usual to allow the wisteria to cascade down.