TopiaryTree, shrub and hedge pruning

jeffsandra-in-chairWorking with living trees is a partnership with nature. At Trees to Please, all of our work is seen through the eyes of an artist, as well as the eyes of a surveyor. A life of learning goes into this work, and the results are extraordinary. Jeff and Sandra work together as a team on hedges and trees. As well as her tree sculptures, Sandra also creates unique and amazing twig furniture. Special care is taken when pruning fruit trees to enhance fruit production. Field grown topiaries are available for sale. With almost 100 trees on site, some are available for transplanting, while others are examples of what can be achieved by trimming trees. Hiring a professional arborist will produce results that are visually pleasing. We offer free estimates. Our prices include cleanup and removal of all trimmings. However, if you prefer to do the cleanup yourself, we understand this, as a means to help keep cost’s down. Choosing Trees to Please will help you

  • make a positive first impression of your home and property
  • enhance curb appeal
  • promote healthy tree growth
  • prevent problems of overcrowding, unbalanced growth and  damage to structures
  • prevent light from being blocked from your home or garden
  • alleviate the feeling of being overwhelmed by plants or trees taking over.

If your hedges or trees are being reclaimed it may take time to achieve the desired result. Your patience will be rewarded. Whether you prefer symmetrical or whimsical, you will be happy with Trees to Please. “What an awesome job, it’s so close to perfect it isn’t funny. Put me on your list. Let me know when it needs to be done again.“


Trees to Please, offers the talents of owners Sandra Caillet and Jeff Riley. They have been working together as arborist’s on Vancouver Island for more than a decade. Sandra has been pruning trees for over 20 years. With these years of experience, they have created a reputation of professionalism and quality workmanship,  which results in many happy customers. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Sandra has developed a love for the out doors, including a great respect for trees. As a young girl Sandra could envision furniture and many whimsical characters, while playing at the beach in beautiful Lantzville, B.C. In 1990 Sandra moved to the Comox Valley. Wishing for some chairs to enhance her deck, she felt it was time to pursue her dream. Now an award-winning artist, she has created living tree sculptures, willow chairs, chandeliers, coat racks, tables, as well as many whimsical sculptures. Jeff Riley has lived in the Comox Valley for most of his life. He has worked as a surveyor, carpenter, cave guide and arborist. One of his favorite pastimes is river fishing. Together, Jeff and Sandra enjoy skiing, white water rafting, fishing, caving and exploring the back-country.


Topiary is the art of shaping living trees and shrubs into ornamental shapes. Topiary can showcase your garden or entrance way. Make an appointment to choose from Sandra’s topiary field, or perhaps you have something in your yard that you would like to have shaped.

Rustic Furniture

Sandra’s rustic wood furniture will bring natural beauty into your home. It is functional art, including chandeliers, coat or gear racks, chairs, tables, benches, plant stands, and sculpture. Using native materials form Vancouver Island, this visionary art is singular in design. Sandra , also manipulates trees while they are growing, grafting truly unique shapes to build with. This process can take anywhere from 2-5 years. Have something in mind, commissions are welcome. For a small fee, studio and garden tours can be arranged, call now to set a time: 250-337-8147.

Our service has been described as “Exemplary!” by a happy customer.

RELIABILITY — Our estimate is our agreed price with no extra hidden cost. We have references from happy customers. We do not procrastinate working. We show up.

PERFECTION — We always do the job as if it was our own yard. No cutting corners to make a quick buck. Think of it as a no stress working environment, taking our time to do it right. We never leave a job without consulting the customer to see if we have completed the job to their satisfaction.

COMMUNICATION — While on the job we encourage the owners to come out and participate. We like to spend the extra time listening to their input as we work. This gives us a better chance to produce exactly what they want.

PROFESSIONALISM — Sandra and Jeff have been working in industry for over 20 years. We have accumulated lots of experience in all aspects of landscaping, trimming, planting, construction, 1st aid and safety, and dealing with people.

CUSTOMIZED — Although there is a recognized method for pruning and trimming, we adapt each site requirement to the customers request. If you want a tree to look like a bush so be it. We always make suggestions but the customer has the last word as to the outcome of the work.

EXTRAS — All customers receive free consultation. During a site visit we will identify garden plants, shrubs and trees. we discuss ideas for care and improvement. We will remove small amounts of extra tree or garden debris that the customer has accumulated at no extra charge if we have room in our trailer. We also help out older folks if they have small requests that they can’t do themselves. A little extra time spent is no problem for us.

FRIENDLINESS — See Sandra’s smile! Contact Jeff or Sandra today for all your tree and hedge trimming, or wood furniture needs, phone: 250-337-8147.